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General Terms and Conditions

Conclusion of the brokerage agreement
By this sale or lease we offer you the designated property for purchase from the owner and our services as broker in accordance with the conditions below. A brokerage agreement shall arise if you make use of this offer, e.g. if you contact us or the owner.

Claim for commission

Our entitlement to commission shall arise and be payable by you as soon as a purchase for the property specified by us arises as a result of our introduction or mediation (even if that is just a contributory factor). The entitlement to commission shall even arise if a financially equivalent agreement arises instead of the purchase agreement, in which context a lease agreement is not considered a financially equivalent agreement. The amount of the commission payable by you shall be indicated in the actual offer itself.

Previous knowledge

If you are already aware of the possibility that the property offered will be purchased you must inform us within 5 days of receipt of the synopsis. Otherwise you acknowledge that the introduction was made by us.

Dual agency

We shall also be authorized to act as introducing broker for the other side (seller) for a fee.

Information on the property/Availability

Even with all due care we cannot warrant that all property-related information we receive from the owner or third parties is correct or that the property is still available at the time this synopsis is received.

Confidentiality of information/Replacement commission

The content of the synopsis must be treated by you as confidential. You may not disclose either the synopsis or details thereof to third parties without our agreement. If you breach the confidentiality obligation and if the third party then enters into a purchase agreement with the seller, which was facilitated due to the disclosure of our information, you shall owe us a commission as if you yourself had entered into the purchase agreement.

Place of venue

The place of venue for business people shall be Hamburg.

Applicable law

German law shall apply.

Notice of Cancellation

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